A Great Full Grateful Heart

The Thanksgiving sign read "A Greatful Heart".

"Hmm...", I thought," I think they meant to write "A Grateful Heart".  Or did they? 

I've been thinking about what a great, full heart might be like.  "Great" means large in dimensions or number, considerable in magnitude".  "Heart" means the part nearest the center; the most essential part of a body or system; center of activity".  I think many people would agree that the essential part of one's being and the center of their activity should be kept large and full of God.  This can be seen as a definition of both a great, full heart and a grateful heart!  Grateful means "appreciative of benefits received; willing or glad to acknowledge and repay, or give thanks for".  We have a grateful heart when our being and activity are large and full of appreciative acknowledgement of what God has done and is doing.

I still had a puzzle about being grateful.  In Genesis it says that man is created as the "image and likeness" of God.  This means that the God-given qualities that man expresses must also be qualities that God expresses.  If having a grateful heart is natural and good, it must be part of man's identity as the image of God and therefore God must have a grateful heart.

What is God grateful for?  If we think of being grateful as acknowledging and appreciating good, we find a description of God being grateful in Genesis where it says "God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good."  As God looked at his creation he acknowledged and appreciated the goodness of every part of it.

These thoughts have expanded my sense of Thanksgiving and inspire me to have a great, full, grateful heart everyday:  to make the essential part of my being and the center of my activity to be maintaining a large and full view of everything as made by God and being very good.  This is a grateful heart!

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C S Association said...

What a great insight about gratitude!
I will try to remember the ongoing grateful heart idea!