I was unsettled by the news that a friend of mine had passed on.  He was a very spiritual person with a strong connection to God.  "Why did this turn out this way?", I asked myself.  I puzzled over this question.

That same day I was trying to set up a new internet connection.  I had followed the directions carefully step-by-step - several times!  I had called technical support three times and waited on hold each time to connect to a person, but no one had an answer that would complete my internet connection.

Feeling frustrated and disillusioned, I finally stopped what I was trying to do and sat quietly.  "Please God", I prayed, "help me to understand about my friend.... and by the way, a little help with this internet problem would be welcome too."

I sat silently for a few moments.  A sense of peace came over me.  Then the thought came to again work through the steps for connecting to the internet.  I had already tried these steps at least a half-dozen times without success, but since this impulse seemed to come as a result of my prayer, I was obedient to the suggestion. 

To my surprise, the steps worked this time and a connection was successfully established to the internet!  I was grateful for this progress.  "Thank you, God!", I thought,... but then I couldn't help adding: "God, I am grateful for the internet connection, but what I wanted most of all was an answer about my friend." 

Almost immediately, words came to my thought as if God was speaking to me.  "I don't understand your question", the words said, "He is fine.  Right here with me now, like he always has been."

I realized then that death and the break in connections it seems to bring, is a false impression created by our human perspective.  We are always connected to God and our spiritual relationships with God's ideas.  These connections don't rust away or become torn apart.  They are permanent connections established and maintained by God.  This insight brought me peace ... and gratitude for our God-given connections.


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