21st Century Magi still find the Christ-babe

The Christmas story is an ongoing event, even now in the 21st century. Like the original event long ago in Bethlehem, today's Christmas stories go on largely unnoticed, witnessed only by "wisemen" discerning the appearance of a new star and willing to follow where it leads into foreign territory or watchful shepherds whose peaceful stillness enables them to hear an angel song.

I was delighted to come across one of these Christmas stories in a recent blog post titled "My hearts calendar".  The writer, Cathy Barney, tells of the heart-warming inspiration she finds in a seemingly simple and mundane activity - calling parents to remind them of their child's upcoming art class.  In this bustling world of days crammed full of tasks and endless to-do lists, who among us is spiritually alert enough to find a blessing in such a chore?  For most of us, there is no room at our "inns" to find mental or emotional space to savor such an activity or discern the angel song of hearts touching and coming together.  Cathy, a true 21st-century Magi, followed the leadings of her heart and found the Christ-babe in this manger of human contact. 

May we learn from Cathy's example and begin to discern amid the swirl and rush of our own overloaded holiday experiences these openly hidden opportunities to draw near and behold "him".

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Melissa Hayden said...

A perfect remedy for the news out of Newtown. Thank you Colin.