Random events or the certainty of God's guidance?

Sea lions share a rock and enjoy the sun.
This week, the earth had a near-miss with an asteroid and a spectacular collision with a small meteor.  Events such as these are part of the human scene that seems to be filled with chance occurrences and random disasters.  Are we really just subject to random happenings or can we experience God's guidance and care in our lives?  I'm learning that as I turn to God and look to God to guide me and supply my needs that I see evidence of God's reliable government in my life.

This week, my business took me far from home for an extended period. One day, I had a few hours break to myself and decided to go on a hike at a nearby state park.  I prefer to have a companion when I hike, but I did not know anyone in the area.  After thinking about this, I decided that I could count on God to be my companion.  I didn't know what form this divine companionship would take - a warm feeling, some angel thoughts, perhaps an encounter with some friendly wildlife.  I just felt confident that I could count on God's presence and that it would be satisfying.

Just after I parked my car and took the first steps of my hike, another car pulled up.  The woman inside rolled down her window and asked, "Is there some place to hike here?".  I told her that there was a nice hike about 5 miles long.  "Do you mind if I go with you?", she asked, and she joined me on my hike.

She was not from this area and was looking for something to do while her companion attended a day-long meeting in the nearby community.  We found that we had many things in common - running, hiking, interest in spirituality, love of family, appreciation of natural beauty.  Our conversation was interesting and easy.  The three-hour hike felt like it was over very quickly.  Returning to our cars, we shook hands and departed our separate ways.

As I drove away and reflected on the experience, I couldn't help but marvel and give praise for how God brings elements of creation together to bless and meet one another's needs.  Some might say this is just an example of randomly occurring good, but I'm convinced that it's evidence of God's ever present guidance and care.  Thank you God!

"For the Lord God is a sun and shield.  The Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly."  Psalms 84


Cathy Barney said...

It's funny how people turn up when we most need and seek them. Grateful you had that experience.
-- Cathy

Colin Treworgy said...

Angels are everywhere!

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